EnActe School of Drama

Our mission at EnActe Academy is to give the diverse voices of the South Bay Area the tools, resources, community, and self-confidence they need to tell their stories to the world. We have programs for people of all walks of life and experience levels. Our youth programs provide a space for young people to practice performance skills, learn how to form teams and communities, and disconnect from their gadgets and devices and engage with themselves and others. Our programs for adults give people who seek a creative home for their talents a consistent and reliable outlet as well as a ground-breaking holistic training program that will help them achieve their professional goals. Theater actors, film actors, screenwriters, playwrights, directors, stand-up comedians, novelists, poets — storytellers of all stripes are welcome!

For actors, directors, writers, or designers:

EnActe Conservatory
is here!

EnActe School of Drama is proud to announce the launch of EnActe Conservatory, a comprehensive, advanced theatre program!

For actors, directors, writers, or performers:

Hone your craft.

EnActe School of Drama is proud to announce the launch of EnActe Storytellers, a new no-obligation subscription training and incubation program! For $50 a month, you will have access to Four Clinics in which you will have customized projects assigned to you, present work to a dedicated and multi-disciplinary community committed to your success, and reach the next stage of your skill and craft!

Clinics are conducted by Vijay M. Rajan, an award-winning and experienced film and theater writer/director, and the new director of our EnActe Academy!

Virtual (Zoom)


Wednesday evenings 6:00p-7:50p

Supplemental classes 8:00p-9:45p