EnActe Academy

Our mission at EnActe Academy is to give the diverse voices of the South Bay Area the tools, resources, community, and self-confidence they need to tell their stories to the world. We have programs for people of all walks of life and experience levels. Our youth programs provide a space for young people to practice performance skills, learn how to form teams and communities, and disconnect from their gadgets and devices and engage with themselves and others. Our programs for adults give people who seek a creative home for their talents a consistent and reliable outlet as well as a ground-breaking holistic training program that will help them achieve their professional goals. Theater actors, film actors, screenwriters, playwrights, directors, stand-up comedians, novelists, poets — storytellers of all stripes are welcome!

For actors, directors, writers, or performers:

Hone your craft.

EnActe Academy is proud to announce the launch of EnActe Storytellers, a new no-obligation subscription training and incubation program! For $50 a month, you will have access to Four Clinics in which you will have customized projects assigned to you, present work to a dedicated and multi-disciplinary community committed to your success, and reach the next stage of your skill and craft!

Clinics are conducted by Vijay M. Rajan, an award-winning and experienced film and theater writer/director, and the new director of our EnActe Academy!


830 Stewart Drive, Suite 115

Sunnyvale, CA

Launching February 26th, 2020

Wednesday evenings 6:00p-7:50p

Supplemental classes 8:00p-9:45p

Stay connected.

In collaboration with the India Community Center.

We are offering a unique recurring Zoom workshop: After-School ePlaydates for youth (ages 6-13)! Each free class offers your child more than an hour’s worth of connecting with a fun and lively community.

After-School ePlaydates

(ages 6-13)

Fridays 4:00p-5:15p PST

For our community:

This class is free for all attendees!

For all generations:

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 Click the button below to register for this free class!

Showcase your work.

Produce an original radio play at our brand-new free 8-week program for Seniors, in partnership with India Community Center.

Not only will you have a blast while being creative and social, but during this program you’ll also:

  • write, direct, and perform in a one-act radio play.
  • get to showcase your work on the radio and in a podcast.
  • gain an e-publication of your plays to share with your friends and family!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to info@enacte.org. The class is completely free, so register today!

Classes run Wednesday mornings 10:00a-11:00a PST.

April 8th – May 27th, 2020

Broadcast your talent.

Sewa International and EnActe Arts present the brand-new

On-the-Radio Creative Writing Program

We’re offering two courses: one for elementary schoolers, and one for middle-schoolers. In an innovative 12-class program, your child will practice and develop creative writing techniques that they can use in school and beyond! Certification included. $120 per student.

Students 6-10 will explore themes of “Nature’s Power” and “All the World is Family”.

Students 11-14 will explore themes of “Nature’s Power”, “Disaster”, and “Being Human”.

Both classes will culminate in an e-publication of the stories that you can share with friends and family! Furthermore, the best 3 works will be read by winners on the radio.

All of our classes are taught by seasoned instructors.

For students looking for more:

$100 Early-bird (ends April 10th)

$120 per student, $90 per additional sibling

April 13th – May 24th

Mondays and Thursdays



If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to info@enacte.org.

For our youngest theatre artists:

 Click the button below to buy tickets! If you’d like to purchase the full program or a subprogram, click on a single date and buy tickets, and all of the ticketing options will become available.  

Broaden your mind.

Our Young EnActeurs Program (Spring edition) is launching again, and it’s more exciting than ever before! Now, during the affordable 12-week camp, your child (ages 6-14) will be able to learn stage presence in our theater program, voice and vocal projection in our animation program, and film acting in our four-week film program! They will leave the program having performed in a theatrical showcase, with a short animated clip featuring their voices, and a short film scene. The brand-new curriculum will be taught by experienced and fun instructors, and your kids will have the time of their life!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to info@enacte.org. Buy your tickets and enroll your children today!


830 Stewart Drive, Suite 115

Sunnyvale, CA

Classes run Monday evenings 5:30-7:30p,

March 16th-June 8th, 2020!

(No class on Monday, May 25th, 2020, for Memorial Day).

Relish your work.

We’re thrilled to announce dates for this year’s Summer Camp!

June 15th-June 26th, 2020 — 9:00am-3:30pm

July 13th-July 24th, 2020 — 9:00am-3:30pm

After-Care available 3:30pm-5:30pm


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to info@enacte.org.

For students looking for more:

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EnAccolades is a Multicultural Theatre Competition for Elementary, Middle, and High School students designed to create opportunity and visibility. While collaboration is key, a little competition can provide impetus to encourage youth involvement and output in the theater arts. For more information, contact info@enacte.org.

Coming soon

EnActe can create a theater program that is right for you. If you are school/daycare/community center looking for an afterschool or all year round theater program, we will be happy to tailor a program for your needs. Please send your enquiry to info@enacte.org or fill out the form on the Contact Us page

Coming soon