Young EnActeurs Program

For the youngest among us. YEP is a great way for kids to disconnect from their gadgets and reconnect with a range of performance art styles.

Our Young EnActeurs Program (Spring edition) is launching again, and it’s more exciting than ever before! Now, during the affordable 12-week camp, your child (ages 6-14) will be able to learn stage presence in our theater program, voice and vocal projection in our animation program, and film acting in our four-week film program! They will leave the program having performed in a theatrical showcase, with a short animated clip featuring their voices, and a short film scene. The brand-new curriculum will be taught by experienced and fun instructors, and your kids will have the time of their life!

at the EnActerium

830 Stewart Drive, Suite 115

Sunnyvale, CA

Classes run Monday evenings 5:30-7:30p,

March 16th-June 8th, 2020!

(No class on Monday, May 25th, 2020, for Memorial Day).

At EnActe, we recognize that flexibility is a key factor in deciding where to educate your kids. That’s why, when it comes to YEP, parents are also welcome to choose a 4-week subprogram or even a single class if that fit works better for them! However, the entirety of the program is designed to be cumulative, so we highly recommend the discounted full 12-week price.

Browse our curriculum below and find out what classes are right for the young theatre artist in your life!

The focus of the 4-week theater program will be stage presence. How do you command the stage? How do you make sure that the choices and decisions you make on-stage are impactful? This will help your kids come out of their shells or release their creative energies and find the real joy of performance. This 4-week program will culminate in a theatrical showcase that parents may attend!

The focus of the 4-week animation program will be voice. All performance — film, theater, animation — requires vocal work. We will work on fun vocal exercises that will help your children understand projection, pacing, inflection, and even accent! This 4-week program will culminate in a short animated cartoon, voiced by your children!

The focus of the 4-week film program will be emotion and truth. We will work on exercises that will help your children explore their own thoughts and inner voices and inner worlds. It will help them become more truthful and powerful storytellers. This 4-week program will culminate in a short filmed scene that you will be able to keep forever!