South Asian Theatre with Universal Appeal


All That Jazz – Gala 2020

Jazz: Cool. Subversive. Uniting.
Artistically, Jazz challenged the rules of music theory. Socially, it brought the world together. It stimulated conversation, conflict and collaboration. Three passions crucial to life and to theatre! Join us as we celebrate a century since the Roaring ’20s with All That Jazz! Enjoy a vibrant evening of food, friendship and two incredible performances:

Anuvab Pal – standup comedian, playwright, screenwriter, columnist – gives us a tongue-in-cheek
overview of geopolitics today called, you guessed it – “All That Jazz”.
George Brooks – World renowned Jazz saxophonist famous for Indo-Western Jazz music – plays
with a group of incredible jazz artists from across the globe.

Your support of EnActe empowers us to bring South Asia into a global context through
performance, education and conversation.


Mexican Heritage Plaza


Saturday, February 29th, 5:30p-11:00p