We create full theatrical productions of works that meet our theme, by playwrights of all career standings. As a part of our effort to promote talent growth, we have many modes of production. Playful@EnActe, our new-play initiative, produces staged readings of promising new work. EnActe Presents welcomes traveling shows, hosting change from afar in our backyard. EnActe Aspire productions hire green cast and crew in order to build both skills and resumes. EnActe Hybrid productions blend novice and veteran artists to foster mentorship and professional development. EnActe Pro presents works of significant impact with high production values, working with professional cast and crew.


EnActe means “in action”. We are moving as much as we are reflecting. We are an American Contemporary theatre company, and we want to enact change. Our unique position as an exponent of both South Asian and South Asian diasporic voices is not only an artistic joy– it is a call to action. Our aim is to represent those voices which are not heard in the mainstream, and to do so with skill and style. Learn more, and enact with us, here.