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EnActe Arts and Rage Productions New Play Festival

A unique collaboration between two theatre powerhouses brings us six tales of laughter and tears and of unexpected disruptions and connections!!

Presenting the list of shows


March 27th is International World Theatre Day!

We invite you to embark on a memorable viewing journey accessible from your living room!

First Show of the New Play Festival!

An EnActe Arts and Rage Productions Collaboration.

Framroze Mansion

A will rewritten, panic restricken!

A Bawa Parsi “Mumma” rewrites her will, causing a flurry of reactions amongst four siblings in far flung corners of the world.

A perfect drama full of humor and pathos.

An EnActe Arts & Rage Productions NEW PLAY FESTIVAL Production 

How It Happens

An influencer, an essayist, & a scandal!

 In a culture that is quick to judge, inflating and deflating the female celebrity, a vitriolic public media trial ensues when a positivity influencer is revealed as a childhood bully. The accused and the accuser, two childhood “friends” who haven’t spoken for 15 years are forced to revisit the incident that  tore them apart in high-school.

An EnActe Arts & Rage Productions NEW PLAY FESTIVAL Production 

Dum Biryani

Family, relationships, secrets, and of course, Biryani.

A family of four stuck in different places across the world decides to celebrate a birthday virtually. But as certain secrets slowly start to spill, everyone must rethink about what it really means to be a family.


An EnActe Arts & Rage Productions NEW PLAY FESTIVAL Staged Read

Cross Connection

Misunderstandings & satiric comedy.

Sometimes the wrong train can take you to the right station and some times a cross connection can make for a lucrative situation! A story of two strangers, connected through a wrong number. One a thief planning a bank heist and another a migrant laborer in desperate need of funds. Throw in policeman and a distant wife and watch the story twist!

An EnActe Arts & Rage Productions NEW PLAY FESTIVAL Staged Read 

The Body

A mother’s funeral in a playground.

The pandemic traps three old friends Gita, Arvind, and Umar in their childhood apartment complex in Chennai. Matters take a morbid turn when Arvind’s mother suddenly dies. COVID cases are growing worse and nothing is working as it should, not even funeral grounds. Chaos ensues when Arvind decides to conduct a Brahmin funeral in their children’s playground! 

An EnActe Arts & Rage Productions NEW PLAY FESTIVAL Staged Read 


Social distancing not enough to keep dark secrets secret.


Four college friends reunite over Zoom post-lockdown– but social distancing won’t be enough to keep their dark secrets secret. Admissions and revelations will change their lives forever!

An EnActe Arts & Rage Productions NEW PLAY FESTIVAL Production