South Asian Theatre with Universal Appeal

EnActe Conservatory is the exclusive finale in the EnActe School of Drama curriculum and is open to graduates from our feeder programs as well as a select group of talented individuals via an application process. This program is composed of 3 main modules as well as a series of workshops and masterclasses starting with story and script development, creative and technical design and performance. The three modules culminate in a professional grade performance at a premiere venue.

In EnActe’s 2020-2021 year long Conservatory we read and adapted The Jungle Book in the context of its origins, stripped it of its colonial overtones and are bringing it back in all its raw essence – to the jungle where it was born!

Story, music, movement, choreography, masks, costumes and sounds of the jungle – our advanced theatre group gets to work with world renowned Master trainers to create a professional theatrical production!

Module 3: Production (ages 6-106!)
March 2nd – April 29th

It's Showtime! Perform in and present our original “The Jungle Book - Rudyard’s Revision” adaptation! Be a part of the Cast and Crew of this endearing tale stripped of colonial overtones and reimagined through the lens of identity and belonging. In the third module, the students become the cast and crew!! You will rehearse, incorporate design elements, and put together the entire show, learning the ins and outs of a professional theatrical production. The virtual performance will have its world premiere in June, 2021.
Module 1: Script Development (ages 12+)
September 15th – October 22nd

In this intensive program, taught by Artistic Director Vinita Sud Belani, students will adapt and develop Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book” into a dance and music laden theatrical production. Students will learn and apply the invaluable skills of story and character development and lyric-writing. Use your creativity and personal worldview to adapt the story for a contemporary audience!
Module 2: Creative Design (ages 12+)
November 17th – February 4th

In this exceptional creative process, taught by a variety of professionals in their field, students will learn and apply all the design components of executing this theatrical piece – lyric composition, sets, projection design, set design, choreography, costumes, music, movement and sound! Subject experts will conduct several Masterclasses. Ultimately, students are crafting the design for our brand-new play!
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If you want to know more about the program and about EnActe School of Drama as a whole, please check out our press release!

Meet the Incredible Creative Team

Music Composer George Brooks

World renowned jazz saxophonist and Hindustani classical music maestro, George’s album with John MvLaughlin was nominated for a Grammy! He blends contemporary and subversive sounds underpinned in the classical Indian roots to bring the jungle to life.

Choroegrapher Aparna Sindhoor

Dancer, theatre maker, Kalaripayettu and yoga expert Aparna, Artistic Director of Navarasa Dance Theater, brings the all the all the raw force of the animalistic roots of 2,500 year old martial art form Kalaripayattu to bring the Jungle to life.