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Letters to a Daughter from Prison

Lavonne Mueller

‘Little one, may you grow up into a brave soldier in India’s service!’

Nehru the statesman is continually separated from his shy, intellectual daughter Indira Priyadarshini by the turmoil of building a country. They forge the bonds of a loving, nurturing and formative relationship through their detailed, prolific letters to each other. “I felt compelled to write this story because I could not find a parallel in the Western world of a statesman father who nurtured his daughter in such a way.” Lavonne Mueller.

Deesh Mariwala


EnActe Zoom Room


Friday October 23rd, 8:30pm PDT
Saturday October 24th, 5:00pm PDT
Sunday October 25th, 7:30am PDT
Sunday October 25th, 12:00pm PDT