Social distancing is no reason to feel socially isolated! Artists, come together online and un-isolate!

Our artistic community thrives on the connections we build with each other. While we all work to limit the transmission of Covid-19, EnActe Academy is happy to announce that writers, directors, and performers — and everyone interested in the performing arts — need not suffer from cabin fever!

Enacte Arts is proud to present:



a creative, fully virtual place for both adults and youth to commune!

We are offering a unique recurring Zoom workshop: After-School Playdates for youth (ages 6-13)! Each free class offers you more than an hour’s worth of connecting with a fun and lively community.

  • We’ll watch a 10-minute animated short film and have a discussion afterward led by an instructor about craft.
  • We’ll play fun virtual improv games and keep our impulses sharp.
  • We’ll connect as artists and build out our support community.
  • We’ll co-write a story together.
  • We’ll learn mindfulness techniques taught by a trained instructor.

After-School Playdates

(ages 6-13)

Fridays 4:00p-5:15p PST

We want this space to be both a way for us all to keep our artistic minds sharp and a social circle to mitigate isolation. Thankfully, we live in a time when technology lets us be social even while responsibly upholding social distancing. We can’t wait to have a Playdate with you!