EnActe Storytellers

Are you an actor, writer, director, or performer? Join EnActe Storytellers to have a consistent home where you can hone your craft!

Every Wednesday night, you will be given a chance to showcase your work, receive critiques and feedback, and grow your skills under the guidance of an experienced film & theatre director. This unique opportunity will allow you to become a part of a holistic multi-disciplinary community of dedicated artists committed to your success!

Virtual (zoom)

contact vijayrajan@enacte.org for Zoom details

Wednesday evenings 6:00p-7:50p

Supplemental classes 8:00p-9:45p

If you’re coming to an upcoming clinic, attach what you’ll be sharing in an email to Vijay before we meet.

Browse our past curriculum and see what our community has learned!

Attendees will be given a scene and then will be given the tools to act for camera. How is blocking handled in virtual settings? How do you make eye-line work? What’s proper framing? How do you make the screen come alive? Recommended for actors & directors.

What is a step outline? How is one created? How does it help you plan out your entire play or screenplay? This fun and educational class will show you, step by step (no pun intended), how to create the outline for your entire story in a framework that will not lock down your creativity, but will structure and format your tale. Recommended for writers.

Attendees of this class will be assigned the task of taking a character and imbuing them with reality; how do you three-dimensionalize a character? We use some techniques first propounded by Stella Adler as well as other techniques pioneered by other formative instructors. Recommended for writers & directors!

We don’t schedule our courses past a month in advance, so that our community can direct the flow of the work!

Meet your instructor!

Writer/director Vijay M. Rajan has been writing, directing, and producing since 2001. He has worked on feature films, stage productions, short films, commercials, documentaries, corporate videos, and TV shows, with budgets ranging from ultra-low to the millions. He has been lauded by Ted Schilowitz, a vice-president at Paramount Pictures, as one of the “fastest-rising and most-talented young directors in the country.” Over the course of his corporate and film work, he has directed such names as comedian Bill Engvall, actors Harrison Ford, Rosario Dawson, Alec Baldwin, and Benjamin Bratt, personality Deepak Chopra, and multi-talented performer Alyson Stoner, among many others.

As a teacher, he intends to bring to the Bay Area a level of Los Angeles and New York professionalism, training, and quality. He believes in a multi-disciplinary holistic training approach that incorporates elements of multiple acting/narrative schools, including but not limited to Adler, Meisner, Strasberg, and practical aesthetics. Now he has taken the position of Director of EnActe Academy, and is proud to lead EnActe Storytellers as a part of his continued mission to enhance the reputation of the Bay Area through the natural talents of its committed performers and storytellers!