South Asian Theatre with Universal Appeal

A Touch of Brightness (postponed)

Cancelled due to Covid-19

Produced and Presented by: EnActe Arts

Co-Presented with: Apne Aap

Written By: Partap Sharma

Director: Vinita Sud Belani

Assistant Director: Vineet Gupta

EnActe’s A Touch of Brightness was to be presented alongside a campaign to raise awareness and funds for Apne Aap, an organization that helps feed, educate, and rehabilitate survivors of sex trafficking in India’s red light districts. Although the production of A Touch of Brightness was unfortunately cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, EnActe honored its commitment to Apne Aap and virtually raised funds for the cause during the pandemic, a time of extreme vulnerability and distress for many of these victims.

Faith and poverty. Rukmini’s life has shown her both, but she has very little time for scripture nowadays. Her surrogate brother Pidku won’t rest until he saves her from her brothel home. But both are so preoccupied with finding brightness in each other that they can’t surmount the realities of living with nothing.


Roshni Datta, Ashman Shukla, Shekhar Sakhalkar, Annapurna Chandra, Dilip Ratnam, Anju Prakash, Parag Kilche, Anuj Bhargava, Abhimanyu Karki, Sejal Desai, Isha Sakhalkar

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