South Asian Theatre with Universal Appeal

EnActe Aspire 

EnActe Arts is super excited to announce that EnActe Aspire is back with an invigorated vision of connecting the South Asian community with stories closer home. In the past, EnActe Aspire has staged beautiful plays like Kingdom of Cards, A Widow of No Importance and The Waiting room, which our audiences still fondly remember. This time we are back with the much loved socio-political satire ‘Andhon ka Haathi’ written by Padma Shri Sharad Joshi. With this Hindi language play, we come one step closer to the South Asian community. Our promise is to bring the best of South Asia to the California audience, celebrating our colorful culture, and nourishing our souls, one story at a time. 

Associate Artistic Director, EnActe Aspire

Roshni is a film & stage actress, dancer, and director based in California and has been a long-time collaborator with EnActe Arts. She has previously worked in our presentations of Kingdom of Cards, How It Happens, Dum Biryani, Jungle Book, and Mirabai – The Barefoot Princess. In her new role as Associate Artistic Director for EnActe Aspire, she aspires to curate both classics and time-relevant stories from South Asia, and give these productions an authentic South Asian presentation, style, and feel. Her unique portfolio of being a Silicon Valley Engineering Director, a nationwide radio personality, and a global dancer/actor gives her an edge that helps her connect seamlessly with multiple generations of South Asians. She is super excited to embark on this journey.

Our Next Performance

Andhon Ka Haathi

Sharad Joshi’s Andhon Ka Haathi is a play based on the story of four blind men and an elephant. Their lack of understanding and intent in tackling the big elephant in the room is symbolic of the irony that is omnipresent in the socio-political construct of our times. Co-directed by Aditya Kulkarni and Roshni Datta, who each bring their own quirks to the presentation, this play promises to be a treat for the South Asian audience who will find themselves one step closer home. Here’s a bit about our directors.

Meet the Directors

Aditya Kukarni

Aditya has been active in the Bay Area Community theatre circuit in various capacities as Actor, Writer, Director and sometimes also doing production and lights. He has directed plays like Art, Logging Out, I Have Never, etc with companies like CalAA and Naatak. This is his first production with EnActe.

Roshni Datta

Roshni is a film & stage actress, dancer, and director based in California. With EnActe, she has previously essayed the role of Miss Hearts in Tagore’s Kingdom of Cards, Josephina in Deepika Arwind’s How It Happens, Priya in Rutwik Deshpande’s Dum Biryani, Kaa/Mamta in The Jungle Book and has directed Leah Sirkin’s Mirabai – The Barefoot Princess. With Andhon Ka Haathi , she aspires to bring to the audience a timeless socio-political satire presented in an entertaining style which leaves them with food for thought, long after they leave the seats.

Meet the Cast