2019 - 2020 Season


Production House, Talent Incubator

EnActe is more than a theater company

EnActe Arts is a spirit. We are conscious creative people, from all backgrounds, with all kinds of stories. We have joined our talents to lift up the voices of the Indian subcontinent and its diaspora, their vibrancy, their multifaceted culture, to a diverse and growing audience. We know art is human. We know art is spiritual, mental, and visceral. We know art heals. We are EnActe.


We’re delighted to launch the 2019-2020 season!

We have a variety of shows highlighting hot topics from fascism to fantastic fish. The season will kickoff with time-honored Kingdom of Cards, written by Tagore in 1937 and even more relevant today than he could have predicted. Explore our upcoming season and sign up for a season pass!


EnActe Academy

Building the Talent of Tomorrow

At EnActe, we know that meaningful art creates meaningful change. Our workshop programs and youth camps are designed to not only build connections between people, but also to help people connect with themselves. Come learn about our programs here.


Global Stories, Local Talent

We produce, present, and collaborate.

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