South Asian Theatre with Universal Appeal

A Widow of No Importance

Palo Alto, Dec 2018

Produced and Presented by: EnActe Arts

Written By: Shane Sakhrani

Director: Aditya Thakur

Production Head:  Pratiksha Shah

Stage Manager: Hitesh Maidasani

Music Composer:  Madhuvanti Bhide

Set Designer: Sukanya Sarkar

Music and Sound Producer: Shekhar Hemnani

Light Designer: Vikram Ramanarayanan

Costume Designer: Sukanya Sarkar

Props Manager: Suruchi Chandorkar

Set Manager: Anuj Bhargava

Costume Manager: Mamta Maheshwary

Stage Manager: Xander Young

Vocal Director: Deepti Warrier

Rehearsal Pianist: Anirudh Iyer and Peter Jeensalute


Even in a city as progressive as Mumbai, Hindu widows get short shrift. Deepa, clad in white and conversing only with her Lord Krishna, sees getting her daughter Tara married as her only remaining task in life. She cannot, however, resist secretly indulging in her longtime passion for Mills and Boon romances. When her son’s best friend Vinod reveals his school days crush and his true reasons for becoming complicit in this innocent transgression, a host of society-defying possibilities open up to her. Will she or won’t she? That is Deepa’s deliciously difficult dilemma.

Anjali Kirloskar, Tannishtha Mukherjee, Ashish Chakrabortty, Sukanya Sarkar, Anirban Chakraborty, Dilip Ratnam, Anirban Chakraborty

Dancers: Vaibhavi Kulkarni, Mayuri Sapre

Vocalists: Madhuvanti Bhide, Sanjana Shukla

Flute: Niranjan Page

Tabla: Nitesh Limaye

Keyboard: Siddharth Sohoni

Violin: Anush Moorthy

Music Recording: Aalap Desai

Marketing: Alisha Yuhanna

Operations & Finance: YuMee Jang


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