South Asian Theatre with Universal Appeal

Kaavad Katha

San Jose, Dec 2018

Produced by: Still Space Theatre

Presented by: EnActe Arts

Written By: Akshay Gandhi

Visual Art: Rohit Bhasi

Project Artistic Director: Akshay Gandhi

Executive Director, Still Space Theatre: Anita Gandhi

The story of gate-keepers of Kaavad, whose identities are hidden inside Kaavad leads us into the world of mythical, folklore land, where space and time has been intertwined intrinsically. A powerful king – “Mahabali” is on his way to destroy and re-curate the three worlds, and the tales are weaved around our protagonists Ram & Rahim’s attempt to stop him. Each tale with-in then explores the multi-facet idea of Maya and how it drives and triggers every aspect of tales and metaphorical our lives. The work, mostly written in Hindi verses, delves into various philosophical questions and human emotions, like duality, passion, love, bravery, moral dilemmas, companionship etc. The performance is a result of extensive collaborations between theatre makers, visual artists, musicians, and designers to re-imagine the world of Kaavad katha.

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