South Asian Theatre with Universal Appeal

The Forgotten Empress

Houston, April 2018

Produced by: Noorani Dance

Presented by: EnActe Arts and Asia Society

Written and Directed by: Matthew Spangler

Inspired by the novel:  My Name is Gauhar Jaan by Vikram Sampath

A 17th century Moghul Empress who had charge of the Imperial Seal had coins struck in her name was a seasoned war general built Sarais and pleasure gardens across the land ran a fleet of trading ships designed the pre-cursor to the Taj Mahal introduced silver- threaded brocade and lace in fashion trends that we follow even today?

A widow with a daughter, re-married to a besotted King, banished and exiled by his successor?

The Forgotten Empress who broke all glass ceilings could be none other than Noor Jahan, twentieth wife of Emperor Jahangir.

A dynamic dance drama by acclaimed Kathak artist Farah Yasmeen Shaikh, directed Matthew Spangler with music by Salar Nader, delivers history through a spectrum of emotions, relationships and occurrences.

Musical Director: Salar Nader

Narrator:  Radhika Rao

Vocalist: Deepti Warrier

Sarod player: Ben Kunin

Violinist: Raginder Singh Momi

Production Manager, Lighting & Scenic Designer: Andrew Kauffman

Sound & Video Director: Jack Beuttler

Costume Designer: Alka Garg 

Make-up Artist: Natasha Datt

Set Designer: Jim French 

Video & Multi-media Designer: Ian Winters 

Sound Designer: Drew Yerys

Stage Manager: Salim Shaikh

Company Management: Annika Preseley

Creative Consultant: Brooke Duthie 

Video Editor: Greg Gheorghiu

Wardrobe Support: 

Ritu Mathur, Najma Noorani, Zeba Savage, Leah Brown

Performance by Kathak Artist: Farah Yasmeen Shaikh

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