South Asian Theatre with Universal Appeal

The Body

Digital Theatre: 2021-2022

Produced and Presented by: EnActe Arts and Rage Productions

Written By: Nayantara Nayar

Director: Gurleen Judge

Director: Gurleen Judge

Composer: Harpreet Singh

Videographer: Vikas Tomar

Video Editor: Rachit Khetan

Sound Designer/Mixer: Varrunn Bangera

Production Manager: Priyanshi Bahadur

Project Manager: Yael Crishna

Stream Operator: Dan Holland


Tavish Bhattacharyya, Aseem Hattagady, Vivek Madan, Devika Shahani

As physical interaction shut down in the new reality of the pandemic, the world moved to virtual communication. Thankfully technology stepped up, opening up avenues of global collaboration amongst artists not possible before. In a bid to capture this COVID-dictated reality, and to provide a platform for artists to stay engaged and collaborate internationally, EnActe Arts, USA and Rage Productions, India launched a Festival of New Plays by accomplished and aspiring playwrights on the subject of love, life and family in the pandemic-altered reality of  today. 


While the subjects are universal the treatment is colored by these unusual times. How do four siblings in far flung corners of the world react when Mum decides to change her will? What happens to a migrant worker when he accidentally gets a call from a Don planning a heist as he heads back to his village? How do a journalist and a positivity influencer find common ground after long-festering accusations of bullying? When four college students meet on zoom after two decades, will the dark secrets they spill alter their lives? Or four members of the same family on a zoom call to celebrate Dad’s birthday, what secrets will spill from them? What would you do if you were the son of a devout Tamilian Barhmin mother if she passed away and you had no way to cremate her according to traditional rites? Varied slices of life as usual, set against the backdrop of times most unusual.