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The Jungle Book: Rudyard Revised

Palo Alto Sept. 2022 | Houston Oct. 2022 | San Francisco Nov. 2022 | San Jose Dec., 2022

Produced and Presented by: EnActe Arts

Written By:

Vinita Sud Belani, Parker Downey, Sameer Gauri, Vineet Gupta, Anika Jayaram, Zoya Khare, Amytza Maskati, Vivaan Mudgil, Inika Mukherjee, Vijay M. Rajan, Uma Ramesh,  Uma Sakhalkar, Varin Sikka, Sanjana Taware

Director: Vinita Sud Belani


Baadj Ahluwalia, Sonal Aggarwal, Katy Alaniz Barnhill, Kenneth Boswell, Roshni Datta, Diya Dipak, Elizabeth Finkler, Karsten Freeman, Anika Jayaram, Peter Jeensalute, Zoya Khare, Nila Kumar, Amytza Maskati, Vivaan Mudgil, Inika Mukherjee, José Ornelas, Dilip Ratnam (Oct. 2),   Samantha Rasler, Anita Ratnam, Joseph Rios, Shekhar Sakhalkar (Sept. 30, Oct. 1), Brady Voss, Deepti Warrier, Gaurav Warrier 

Associate Director: Noah Lucé

Music Composer: George Brooks

Madhubani Artwork: Avinash Karn in collaboration with Leenika Beri Jacob of Kala Chaupal

Costumes: Oona Natesan and Sandhya Raman

Makeup and Hair: Jeshka Yurash and Caitlyn Slavich

Sets and Props: Keya Chatterjee

Choreography: Aparna Sindhoor, Anil Natyaveda, & Anita Ratnam

Projections: Spenser Matubang

Sound Design: Anirudh Iyer and Peter Jeensalute

Lighting Design: Brittany Mellerson

Stage Manager: Xander Young

Vocal Director: Deepti Warrier

Rehearsal Pianist: Anirudh Iyer and Peter Jeensalute

Learn more about the cast and crew in the playbill below:

Your favorite foot-stomping adventure reclaimed, reimagined, and rewritten for our times. One of humanity’s best loved tales returns to its South Asian roots with EnActe’s contemporary sparkle!

With lush costumes, music by world-renowned Jazz saxophonist George Brooks, kalaripayattu-infused choreography by Navarasa Dance Theatre, and high-tech projections using work by award-winning Pattachitra artist Avinash Karn, this original EnActe Arts production will enthrall an audience of all ages! 

EnActe has also partnered with the Centre for Wildlife Studies, and their director Dr. Krithi Karanth, and aims to bring awareness to CWS’s work in tiger conservation through the show’s treatment of the misunderstood tiger, Sher Baagh. This Jungle Book is a story about community-building, centering environmental sustainability and harmony.

Written in the EnActe Conservatory by a diverse group of artists ages 6-60, The Jungle Book: Rudyard Revised shines as a collective piece of wisdom for our times, a story told with joy, authenticity and a whole lot of heart!

Costumes of The Jungle

Oona Natesan: Costume Designer, Critical Thinker, and Creative Powerhouse by Mukta Phatak We’ve all seen it: the elaborate lion headpiece, the epic four-man dragon puppet,

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