South Asian Theatre with Universal Appeal

About EnActe

The EnActe Mission

EnActe has a two-fold mission:

 – To embrace Eastern and Western traditions of storytelling by developing and presenting thought provoking stories that put South Asian voices in a global context. 

– To act as an inclusive platform for developing diverse talent in the performance arts.

EnActe aims to be a leader in cross-cultural understanding particularly with respect to South Asia using the evocative lens of theatre and the creative power of storytelling.

EnActe Arts is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization co-located in California, and Texas.

Our Identity

EnActe means “in action.” We are moving as much as we are reflecting. We are an American Contemporary theatre company, and we want to enact change. Our unique position as an exponent of both South Asian and South Asian diaspora voice is not only an artistic joy – it is a call to action. Our aim is to represent those voices which are not heard in the mainstream, and to do so with skill and style. Come enact with us.


  • Belonging | Works that explore identity and acceptance.
  • Challenging | Thought-provoking work that inspires conversation.
  • Empowering | Amplifies the stories, experiences, and voices of the underrepresented.
  • Collaborating| Harnessing the creative power of diversity

Our Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion & Collaboration

At EnActe, we value all identities, backgrounds, and abilities. We strive to engage all people in
creativity no matter their color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, and
socioeconomic status. We are highly collaborative and understand the truly reciprocal nature of

We amplify South Asian and other minority voices through storytelling
We commit to diversity of thought, action and representation
We foster inclusive, multi-disciplinary talent
We strive for excellence in production, programming and education
We innovate
We provoke dialogue
We promote the benefits of theater to our society
We celebrate the past, are mindful of the present and give voice to the future