South Asian Theatre with Universal Appeal

Advisory Board

Tanuja Bahal

Strategy, Executive Coach

Dr. Patty Gallagher


Dr. Kathey Foley

Preserving and propagating South Asian storytelling traditions, EnActe case study: the rise of ethnic theatre houses in America

Dr. Roberta Katz


Dr Anurag Mairal

Messaging, Leadership Development

Dr Susan McCulley

WEFT, The EnActe Yearly Compendium

Dr Radhika Rao

WEFT, perspectives on South Asian actors challenges and opportunities, Ambassador at large within the theatre community

Dr Anita Ratnam

WEFT, incorporating Natyashastra elements into western constructs of theatre

Usha Sekar

Ambassador at large

Advisory Committee Members

Sanjana Anand

Community outreach, Gala

Kalpana Handu Guha

Collaborations, Gala 

Geeta Rai

Strategy, finance, staffing

Anurag Wadehra

Marketing, Technology