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A Community of Creatives

Women EnActe for Themselves (WEFT) creates a safe space for women and non-binary creators to develop their storytelling voices and explore topics that interest them. Led by a highly qualified Guiding Circle, WEFT offers their fellows creative freedom, mentorship and community on their writing journeys.

EnActe believes in the power of changing the story by changing the voices telling the story. By providing creative, financial and producing support to women and non-binary writers, EnActe seeks to change the predominant narratives and perspectives in theater today by investing in and uplifting these under-represented voices. 

Apply to be a part of our 2022 Fellowship!

Join us for our 2nd WEFT Fellowship! We are looking for dynamic and passionate women to explore their projects and creative voices with us. 

Over the course of this year-long program, Enacte Arts and the Guiding Circle will support WEFT Fellows through the entire new works process: from ideation & research to story writing and development, followed by a live workshop, and then a full rehearsal process for a premiere performance of the piece hosted by EnActe. 

Fellows will have access to EnActe’s resources as well as financial support in the form of a stipend. We want to make sure you have everything you need to make your work shine.

Applications welcome from women and non-binary folks. If you identify as such and are a writer with a project in mind, we want to hear from you! Please apply using the form below. The deadline for submission is November 16th. 

Meet our Guiding Circle

Hear from Reena Kapoor, our WEFT '21 Fellow, talk about her experience!