South Asian Theatre with Universal Appeal

Join Our Board

EnActe Arts is currently seeking Board Members who are passionate about Arts and committed to creating understanding, harmony, tolerance and equity in the communities where we live and work.

Why should you join and what will you support?

EnActe Arts is one of the fastest-growing national theatre companies in the United States focused on bringing South Asian storytelling and viewpoints into a global context, co-located in California, Texas and New York.

EnActe’s productions, known for their quality, showcase the best upcoming playwrights. 

Ninety percent of the work that we produce is New Works. 

Our productions act as a talent incubator and a platform to develop playwrights, actors, composers, dancers, and theater-makers in every aspect of theatre. 

EnActe School of Drama (ESOD) offers theater-based afterschool programs in some of America’s premier schools. Our aim is to expand the EnActe School of Drama across the nation. With your help, we can bring the arts to children across the country, filling the gap created by school budget cuts and archaic, non-inclusive programming.

EnActe Business Advantage uses theater-based techniques for leadership development in the corporate world, community organizations and in schools. We need your help to bring them to our communities and businesses alike to help create a more tolerant, productive, and understanding world. 

Collaboration is in our DNA!  In the 11 years of our existence, we have collaborated with some of the largest and oldest Regional theater companies across the country, as well as dance companies, universities, museums and Arts collectives. We believe that one plus one brings an exponential gain to all and are committed to collaboration being the pathway to growth and to reaching an ever wider audience.