South Asian Theatre with Universal Appeal

Cross Connection

Virtual – July 2021

Produced and Presented by: EnActe Arts and Rage Productions

Written By: Yogesh Utekar

Director: Shivani Tanksale

Project Coordinator: Yael Crishna

Composer: Raghav Dutt

Vocalist: Ajitesh Gupta

Re-recording engineer: Varrunn Bangera

Editors: Rachit Khetan


Cast: Ajitesh Gupta, Durgesh Kumar, Mallika Singh, Kaustav Sinha

An impoverished migrant worker in India is chatting with his frustrated wife in COVID times while waiting at a train station to go home when he accidentally receives a call from a wannabe Don planning a major bank heist. Boredom, curiosity and a frisson of greed compel him to play along, with unexpected consequences. A darkly hilarious comedy, superbly interpreted!

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