South Asian Theatre with Universal Appeal


Cupertino, Oct 2017

Produced and Presented by: EnActe Arts and the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival

Script by: Anthony Clarvoe

Director: Sukanya Chakrabarti, Anne Yumi Kobori

SF Shakes partners with EnActe Arts and the City of Cupertino for the first time to create a youth production. Students ages 8-18 will join with professional theater artists to tell the action-packed epic Ramayana, following Prince Rama on his quest to battle the Demon King Ravana. Flying monkeys, princesses, monsters, and magical birds—this story has it all!

Sponsored by:

Palo Alto Networks

Jupiter Research Foundation



Sunera Technologies



Shasta Foods

Lasya Art

Mantra India

Chaat Bhavan

Institute for South Asia Studies UC Berkeley

Radio DeHottie Media Mahima