South Asian Theatre with Universal Appeal


Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020

Produced and Presented by: EnActe Arts

Written By: Sravya Tadepalli

Director: Hassan Shah

Music/Sound Composer: Aalap Desai

Stage Manager: Michael Ramirez

Zoom Operator: BT Montrym

Cast: Varun Arvind, Christopher Cruz, Ahana Dave, Pierre Gopal, Ranga Nathan, Vibeka Sen Sisodiya, Namita Vakil

Samar and Leela Devulapalli grew up in a small town in Oregon with parents who hoped they would use their opportunities to seek out the American Dream. But when Samar decides he wants to move to India to attend college and pursue his career, tension erupts as the Devulapallis make major decisions about how they want to live out their lives. The play touches on issues of immigration, brain drain, and racism, while also covering themes related to family, belonging, and giving back.