South Asian Theatre with Universal Appeal

The Parting

San Francisco – Jan 2018, San Jose – Mar 2018

Produced by: EnActe Arts and Noorani Dance

Presented by: Z-Space

In Collaboration with: 1947 Archive, India Currents

Funded in part by: Creative Work Fund, Zellerbach Hall, Dancers Group

Playwrights: Salil Singh and Anurag Wadehra

Produced by EnActe Arts and Noorani Dance, The Parting is an ambitious blend of theater, dance, music, and multimedia that will feature 18 dancers, 22 actors and a lone violinist—also the composer of the play’s original score—as a means to explore the stories of the survivors, the forgotten, and the dead who found themselves caught up in the tide and tumult of hope, panic and denial that occurred when Great Britain in what many see as a blithe last act of colonialism, decided to partition the country of India based on religious identities following the Indian Independence Act of 1947, thus setting in motion one of the greatest migratory upheavals of the twentieth century.

Director: Vinita Sud Belani and Farah Yasmeen Shaikh

Originally directed by: Salil Singh

Music Composer and Sound Designer: Raaginder Singh Momi

Visual Designer:  David Murakami

Dramaturgs: Sukanya Chakrabarti and Anurag Wadehra

Project Manager and Stage Manager: Pratiksha Shah

Visual Dramaturg: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

Production Manager and Technical Director: YuMee Jang

Lighting Designer: Beth Hersh

Set Construction: Nathanael Card, Julian Singh, Mark Nomura

Set Design: Salil Singh

Costume Designer: Sushma Kaul Roy, Alka Garg, Anjali Kushwaha

Assistant Costume Manager: Suruchi Chandorkar

Prop Master: Emilia Wysocka

Makeup and Hair: Jeshka Yurash

Makeup Assistants:Jeremy Corrales, Joshua Bade, Oasis Nguyen, Monique Russel

Graphic Designers: Vinita Sud Belani and YuMee Jang

Marketing: Erin Cizan and Alisha Yuhanna

Public Relations: Liam Passmore – Shave and a Haircut

Videography: Alan Cash

Photography: George Pigula and Regie Lantin



M. Zishan, Ravi Chopra, Varun Arvind, Chinmaya Vaidya, Aadi Thakur, Farah Yasmeen Shaikh, Sanjana Shukla, Richa Shukla, Chanpreet Singh, Suhail Kumar, Stefan Fisher, Maunic Dharia, Anna Chandra, Mohanna Rajagopal, Rinki Suri, Rohan Kumar, Prerana Vaidya, Aziza Noor Shaikh, Rohan Kumar, Shiven Arya, Yaduvir Singh, Maunic Dharia, Anna Chandra, Rinki Suri, Prerana Vaidya, Juhi Mohan, Rohan Kumar, Yaduvir Singh, Rinki Suri, Prerana Vaidya, Richa Shukla, Diya Dipak, Anika Warrier, Varun Arvind, Chinmaya Vaidya, M. Zishan, Chanpreet Singh, Suhail Kumar


Noorani Dance Company – Kathak

Choreographer – Farah Yasmeen Shaikh Esha Gupta, Vyomika Gupta, Veyna Karanth, Jasleen Pelia Lutzker, Maya Sachidanand, Sreoshi Sarkar, Aziza Noor Shaikh, Mira Kapoor Wadehra

Krithi Dance Creations – Bengali Folk

Mousumi Bose, Chandrayee Mukherjee

Abhinaya Dance Company – Bharatnatyam

Choreographer – Rasika Kumar Sushmita Bhat, Shreya Ganapathy, Abinaya Srikant

Nachde Kahaniyan – Punjabi Folk

Choreographer – Samreen Sandhu Mussarat Iqbal, Shreepal Shah

Violin: Raaginder Singh Momi

Flute: Praveen Prathapan

Tabla: Iman Hashimi Essa, Rajvinder Singh

Sitar: Manu Seen, Dalbir Singh

Vocals: Debjani Roy Chattopadhyay, Tina Mann, Surtaal Singh, Deepti Warrier

Dilruba: Maneev Singh

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