South Asian Theatre with Universal Appeal


July  2020

Produced by: The Hoshruba Repertory

Presented by: EnActe Arts

Co-presented with: Indiaspora, Laya Dhwani Academy of Performing Arts

Performed by: Danish Hussain


Qissebaazi is a fascinating and compelling multilingual storytelling format developed by Danish Husain with the intention of bringing stories from several South Asian literary and oral traditions beyond the speakers of any particular language.

The Hoshruba Repertory, founded and headed by Danish Husain, has staged Qissebaazi in India, the US, and Australia, including performances at Harvard and Columbia, and at EnActe.

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Fantastical, multilingual storytelling by a master storyteller – Danish Husain. It’s a virtual party you don’t want to miss! 
Shah Rukh Khan calls him  the storyteller “who takes us back to our happy place“. You saw him in critically acclaimed movies like Dhobi Ghat, Peepli Live, Newton…
now see Danish Husain live!