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Window on Women – The WEFT Showcase

The EnActe Virtual Performance Hall
Saturday April 10th 5pmPDT, 7pm CDT, 5.30am IST. Saturday April 17th 5pmPDT, 7pm CDT, 5.30am IST.
By Reena Kapoor

WEFT is a brave space for women presenting writers to exercise their craft under the guidance of qualified mentors. EnActe Arts is proud to showcase 4 pieces developed by WEFT Fellow Reena Kapoor.

A hard-hitting rap song that questions the norms of patriarchy propagated in Bollywood films.

Written by:                     Reena Kapoor

Music Composed by:    Siddharth Chattopadhyay

Directed by:                    Suman Chandra

Choreographed by:      Suruchi Chandorkar

: Reena Kapoor, Suruchi Chandorkar, Raashina Humayun, Prerana Vaidya, Roshni Datta, Anju Prakash, Namita Vakil, Annapurna Chandra, Tannistha Mukherjee,  and Shirin R. Hasan.

What happens when you find out that marriage is not what you want out of life right now?

Written by:                  Reena Kapoor                             
Directed by:                Vinita Sud Belani
Starring: Anita Rathnam, Shubhangi Kuchibhotla, Anusuya Rao, Sreejith Nair

An acid attack victim finds her resilience in responding to the perpetrator of the crime. 

Written by:         Reena Kapoor

Directed by:       Vandana Prabhu

Starring: Yeshaswini Channaiah

As she grows up, a young girl examines her relationship with an abusive father who  abandoned the family by writing him letters.

Written by:                  Reena Kapoor

Directed by:                Vineet Gupta

: Zoya Khare, Inika Mukherjee, Emielyn Das, Amytza Maskati