South Asian Theatre with Universal Appeal

How It Happens

Online: May 2021

Produced and Presented by: EnActe Arts and Rage Productions

Written By: Deepika Arwind

Director: Jeffery Lo

Music/Sound Composer: Brittany Mellerson

Stage Manager: Benjamin Wong

Creative Designer: Christopher Fitzer

Video Editor: Christopher Fitzer

Zoom Operator: Dan Holland


Roshni Datta, Sonya Balsara, Maria Marquis

Locked down and COVID-positive, Miriam, a positivity influencer reaches out to Jo, a former friend and journalist. Jo’s newly released book references a thinly veiled account of high school bullying by Miriam, and Miriam, locked in a high rise apartment with her COVID positive mother, finds her carefully built up and hugely popular cyber profile not just disintegrate but turn into a cyber hate onslaught. Gripping, poignant and alarmingly relevant in millenial-speak.