South Asian Theatre with Universal Appeal

Queen II

San Jose – May 2019, Mountain View – Sept 2019

Produced and Presented by: EnActe Arts

Written By: Madhuri Shekar

Director: Vinita Sud Belani

Assistant Director:  Noreen Raza

Stage Manager: Venu Subramaniam

Scientific Assets: Anita Bist, Pavan Ramkumar

Projection Design: Nima Dehghani

Music and Sound: Shekhar Hemnani

Lights: Meghna Singhal

Sets Design: Vinita Sud Belani, YuMee Jang

Props:  Alejandra Leon

Videographer: Alan Cash

Production: Pratiksha Shah

Graphics: YuMee Jang

Marketing:  Erin Cizan, Alisha Yuhanna


With prestigious accolade only days away, the numbers start adding up to an ethical dilemma for UC Santa Cruz graduate researchers, Ariel Spiegel [Stacy Fairley] and Sanam Rao [Nandini Ravindran], and their supervisor, Dr. Philip Hayes [Michael Boehm] in Madhuri Shekar’s Queen. Is financier, Arvind Patel [Snehal Pachigar], correct that their whole hypothesis is motivated by left-wing bias?

The drama directed by EnActe Arts’ Artistic Director and Founder, Vinita Sud Belani, and launches EnActe Art’s 2018-19 season dedicated to the telling of women’s stories in response to author Kamila Shamsie’s challenge to publishing houses for 2018 to be a year of publishing women.


Michael Boehm, Stacy Fairely, Snehal Pachigar, Nandini Ravindran

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