South Asian Theatre with Universal Appeal

Dum Biryani

A family of four scattered across the world comes together online for a special birthday dinner. Over four plates of Dum Biryani they realize just how much the realities of COVID are affecting their lives.

Cross Connections

Cross connection is a story of two people Sumit & Vrajlal, who accidentally get connected with each other through video call due to a wrong number. Where Sumit is a thief who is planning to rob a bank & Vrajlal is a labour who is in need of money because he wants to go to his village due to lockdown. This story unfolds how the cross connection between these two people helps Vrajlal earn some money.

How it Happens

Locked down and COVID-positive, a positivity influencer reaches out to a former friend: an essayist whose accounts of bullying throw both women into a scandal.


Enter Stage Right: In Conversation with Feisal Alkasi. With a special appearance by Keith Khorana Stevenson.

Framroze Mansion

A Bawa Parsi “Mumma” rewrites her will, causing a flurry of reactions amongst four siblings in far flung corners of the world. 

A perfect drama full of humor and pathos! 

The EnActe 2021 Season Pass!

We are Excited to announce our 2021 Season!! An action packed adventure that takes you all over the world as an Armchair Voyageur!!